When Fish Fly
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The Michelli Experience

The Michelli Experience is a consulting, training, and keynote workshop business owned by Dr. Joseph Michelli. Dr. Michelli believes that your organization's success depends on its ability to deliver top quality services to external customers and retain and train your associates! As a result his keynotes, workshops, extended training programs, and consulting services are designed to meet your unique needs in areas such as:

  • Creating Corporate Vision
  • Taking Responsibility in Words and Action
  • Committing to Excellence
  • Keys to Collaboration
  • Empowered Workplace Communication
  • The Gift of Feedback
  • Recognition for Results, 
  • Developing a Peer Coaching Culture, and
  • Making Work Fun and Productive

Dr. Michelli offers a variety of organizational development services to create dynamic, energized, and productive workforces. These services include:

  • CEO Consultation
  • Corporate Coaching
  • Development and Implementation of 360 Degree Assessments
  • Employee Satisfaction Evaluation
  • Customer Satisfaction Measurement
  • Customized Management and Frontline Training Programs

Drawing from his background as a clinical psychologist, college professor, organizational development coordinator, marketing executive, and professional communicator, Dr. Michelli will provide customized services to bring increased productivity to your organization!

Visit the The Michelli Experience website for a list of presentations topics offered by Dr. Michelli.

Flying Fish / bizFutures Consulting Team

The Flying Fish/bizFutures Consulting Team demonstrates the kind of performance that is unleashed when each member of an organization is empowered to be a leader and a creator for the whole company. Their services began with inspirational appearances by John Yokoyama and members of the Crew at special client events. Since then, they have developed a powerful consulting program for businesses, including special coaching segments on requested topics.

World Famous Pike Place Fish Market adheres to a particular set of E.C.P.’s (Essential Creative Principles). These E.C.P.’s have made the company culture a model for other organizations. Their vision is to see companies all over the world make it their business to improve the quality of life for people everywhere. Their commitment is to make our way of operating available to as many organizations as possible.

For more information regarding consulting services, please visit the Biz Futures and Pike Place Fish Market websites.