When Fish Fly
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When Fish Fly: Lessons for Creating A Vital and Energized Workplace
by John Yokoyama and Joseph Michelli, PH.D.
176 pages

When Fish Fly is about the transformation of a small, failing fish market in the Seattle, WA area. Through personal change in the owner, he helped envision his staff to become something more than just a fish market - to become "world famous". To the staff at Pike Place Fish Market, being "world famous" means taking a sincere interest in their customers and each other on a personal level. Through intentional coaching and modeling, they have instilled a culture that is both entertaining and life affirming. In essence, in all they do, they place people ahead of selling fish. At the end of the day, they sell more fish and have truly become The World Famous Pike Place Fish Market.

This book is remarkably simple story about leadership and culture change. It's about leaders who are not afraid to scrutinize why they are in business and what motivates them. It is about leaders who are able to call their staff and employees to a higher standard (i.e. - serving people) in a relatively mundane and smelly profession - selling fish! A great book about personal transformation that leads to the successful transformation of a company.

A very easy read. Eight chapters with plenty of real-life stories and interesting quotes to keep you reading. It isn't academic business theories. It is a company's testimony of truly becoming the best that they can be.